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Registered Nurse Gr 3 – Aged and Sub Acute

/   |   Posted on February 13, 2023

Aged and Sub-acute.

If you are seeking a work/life balance, a supportive and welcoming team and organisation that embraces change to ensure the best possible outcomes for our residents and patients then look no further…

Neerim Health is a not for profit Hospital, Health service and Aged care facility with Private Hospital status located in Neerim South, West Gippsland.

The organisation has a busy operating Theatre/day procedure unit, Sub-acute hospital beds, Aged care beds and Short-Term Restorative Care packages.

As a result of continued growth and internal changes we are currently seeking Registered Nurses to fill casual and permanent part time positions in the Sub-acute and Aged care unit.

Your rewards are:

  • Flexibility in order to achieve a work/life balance
  • Generous salary packaging
  • Support in accessing ongoing professional development
  • A supportive and welcoming team
  • An organisational commitment to best practice and risk management in line with Safer Care Victoria principles

For a full position description, including key selection criteria, please email hr@neerimhealth.org.au

Please apply through Seek attaching your resume and a covering letter addressing the key selection criteria.

Neerim Health is an Equal Employment Opportunity organisation that values inclusion and diversity and promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children in line with our Child Safety Commitment Statement.

Part time and casual position available

Position Title:

Registered Nurse Grade 3 – Aged & Sub-acute

Reports to:

Nurse Manager (NM) Aged and Sub-acute

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Our Purpose

To provide high quality care in an environment in which the organisation can flourish

Our Vision

To be considered the most highly valued provider of community and individual wellbeing

Our Values

A passion and commitment for what we do

Professionalism, respect for all and a commitment to diversity and social inclusion

A commitment to quality and continuous improvement

Enthusiasm in working together for a common goal to meet the changing needs of our community

Neerim Health (NH) is a private not for profit entity owned by its members. It is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (2012) and is located in the township of Neerim South with a population of 1300.
NH has a 90-year history serving the community and there is strong community support and ownership of the organisation. NH has a Board of Management elected from the local community who have a strong mix of professional skills and an active interest in the community and its development.
The organisation has a mix of services including:

  • 25 register residential aged care beds with full Accreditation achieved in July 2022
  • 8 hospital beds
  • Operating Theatre Unit performing ophthalmic, endoscopic and dental procedures
  • 10 bed surgical day procedure unit
  • Commonwealth funded Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) Packages
  • NH is registered with the Department of Health and Human Services as a private hospital

NH has the equivalent of 40 full time staff made up of approximately 90 full time, part time or casual staff. There is also a very active volunteer base.

The Registered Nurse is responsible to the Nurse Manager (NM) – Aged and Sub Acute for the provision of high quality comprehensive and individualised patient/consumer care, on a day-to-day basis.  The Registered Nurse practices according to their own level of educational preparedness and competence.

The Grade 3 Registered Nurse demonstrates expert knowledge and skills and ensures the provision of quality person centred care.  The role assists in managing the nursing and related staff available to consumers and patients, acts as a role model, develops professional relationships with the multidisciplinary team and facilities a professional working environment.

The Registered Nurse shall assume the responsibilities of the Grade 5 Registered Nurse in Charge role for the health care service in the absence of the Nurse Manager or Director of Clinical Services (DCS):

  • Monday to Sunday afternoon and night duty
  • Saturday and Sunday morning shifts
  • Public holidays

Organisational Structure:

The Registered Nurse will report to the Nurse Manager.

Personnel Reporting to this position:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Personal Carers

  • Salary and conditions are in accordance with your individual employment agreement and the NH
  • Remuneration Packaging is available in accordance with current legislation.
  • NH operates under an Equal Opportunity Policy and Occupational Health & Safety Policy in accordance with current
  • Effective risk / quality management is a core competency expected of everybody involved at NH
  • Advise NH of any pre- existing condition, which could be aggravated by the type of employment they are applying Failure to do so seriously jeopardises any entitlement the employee might have for a work-related aggravation of that non-disclosed pre-existing condition.
  • Under the relevant State and Commonwealth legislation all applicants are required to undergo a National Police Check and a Statutory Declaration is required for any staff working in aged care


  • Provide high quality patient/consumer care in partnership with patients/consumers and their significant others, and other members of the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Lead, direct and supervise employees in the provision of high quality, evidence-based and culturally sensitive person-centred care.
  • Delegate and supervise employees on the shift to ensure delivery of care based on workload prioritisation and within the employees’ scope of practice.
  • Assume responsibility for direct nursing care in accordance with the model of care of the unit, policies and standards and National Safety & Quality Healthcare Standards and the Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • Facilitate and perform nursing interventions within professional standards.
  • Incorporate principles of ethical decision making and using evidence-based practice, formulate, implement, and evaluate client/patient care plans.
  • Recognise, respond, and evaluate changes or deterioration in the patient’s/consumer’s condition, undertake appropriate clinical assessments and clinical procedures and document variation in the care plan.
  • Recognise and report adverse events and incidents to the Nurse Manager or Director of Clinical Services (DCS) or executive on-call outside of business hours.
  • Starting from the initial episode of care, develop an effective discharge plan that reflects the need of the patient/consumer and significant others.
  • Commitment to flexibility and innovation in practice including an evidence-based approach to care.
  • Supervise employees and act appropriately to immediately manage any behaviour not meeting policy, procedures, or professional standards.
  • Coordinate discharge planning in liaison with medical and allied health for patients.
  • Maintain accurate and current patient and consumer records ensuring documentation meetings professional and legal standards.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrate excellence in customer service and safety and comfort to patients, consumers, visitors and staff.
  • Practice safely within the profession and own scope of practice boundaries.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team and in partnership with the patient, consumer, and their family / representatives.
  • Facilitate efficient and effective nursing handovers between internal staff and external key stakeholders.
  • Liaise with external and / or community agencies / services and other health professionals as required.
  • Conduct health promotion to enhance patient and consumer health and wellbeing to empower and engage people to participate in their health care.
  • Coordinate and ensure timely patient and consumer admission and discharges in line with organisational procedures.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings with patients, consumers and their representatives.
  • Demonstrate knowledge /willingness to learn AN-ACC and the assessment requirements.

Leadership and Management:

  • Role model nursing excellence.
  • Work collaboratively to support the Nurse Manager to provide effective, visible leadership and supervision across the team.
  • Clearly communicate clinical and behavioural expectations to staff
  • Mentor or preceptor staff as directed by the NM, DCS or delegate.
  • Contributes to the orientation and welcoming of new staff to the unit and the team.
  • Participate in the management, recruitment, orientation, and retention of employees.
  • Demonstrate the ability to debate, negotiate, resolve conflict, and handle sensitive and complex issues.
  • Participate in own annual performance development process and discussions with Nurse Manager.
  • Participate and commit to succession planning by supporting the skills development of others within the unit.
  • Ensure familiarity with the expected standards of performance in the role and actively contribute to own personal development.
  • Actively participate in professional development and complete mandatory competencies.

Safe Practice and Environment:

  • Use personal protective equipment Standard AS4187-2003, department policy and procedure and infection control manuals.
  • Ensures disposal of soiled linen and medical waste is carried out according to Infection Control and Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines.
  • Ensure staff compliance with Infection Prevention and Control requirements including Pandemic Planning and management.
  • Ensure the optimal use of all resources within the unit to provide patient/consumer centred care.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of adequate ward stock and pharmacy supplies.
  • Check equipment required for each shift and report faulty equipment.
  • Utilise information technology effectively.


  • Ensure that any personal, private or sensitive information obtained regarding a staff member or client remains confidential.

Quality and Safety:

  • Contribute to quality service delivered to patients and consumers through Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.
  • Manage and be accountable for clinical and / or operational portfolios as directed by the NM or DCS.
  • Actively contribute to improving performance. Contribute and participate in Accreditation activities/visits and participate in the implementation of the ACQSC and NSQHS Accreditation Standards.
  • Implement Accreditation Standards and other relevant Standards within the health service.
  • Maintain knowledge of the relationship between quality improvement, risk management and incident forms, and ensure all incidents, near misses, hazards, etc. are reported
  • Contributes to the implementation and evaluation of quality systems.
  • Ensure complaints and feedback are escalated in adherence to relevant policies and procedures.
  • Ensure patient and consumer safety and quality of care is the highest priority.
  • Participate and complete audits to assist in collection of data for quality improvement measures.
  • Carry out compliance and improvement against the key elements of quality and safety.
  • Demonstrate commitment to developing, promoting and progressing continuous quality improvement initiatives as directed by manager.
  • Be responsible for the quality of care at point of care.
  • Ensure that staff understand and adhere to emergency procedures.
  • Participate and co-operate in consultative processes to improve health and safety.
  • Ensure that relevant data is collected, analysed and used to improve clinical care outcomes.
  • Observe safe working practices and as far as you are able, protect your own and others’ health and safety.
  • Identify clinical risk issues and areas for improved clinical outcomes.
  • Recognise and manage risk, report promptly and ensure that actions are taken to prevent and minimise harm to consumers and the healthcare workforce.
  • Ensure adherence to organisational standards and complete all mandatory and targeted education.
  • Adhere to relevant documentation systems and ensure high standard of completed documentation.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, regulatory requirements, professional standards and guidelines.
  • Comply with the nursing professional code of ethics and conduct and the Aged Care code of conduct.
  • Demonstrate professional practice in accordance with NMBA professional standards for the Registered Nurse.
  • Implement the standards of health and safety and comply with OH&S legislative employee requirements.
  • Report workplace injuries in accordance with policies and procedures, work effectively with staff on return-to-work programs.
  • Identify and report clinical risks via the NH Risk Management Framework.
  • Ensure NH policy and procedures are implemented.
  • Comply with relevant legislative Acts and Regulations, e.g., OH&S Act 2004, Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 and report concerns/breaches to NM, DCS and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Acts to maintain infection control standards and undertakes Infection Control activities as directed.
  • Comply with employee relation legislation and NH Code of Conduct requirements and report concerns/breaches to the NM, DCS and CEO.
  • Ensure all incidents are accurately documented and investigated at the time of an incident and the NM is informed.
  • Responsible for the reporting of any malfunctioning equipment and/or facility to the appropriate line manager.
  • Dispose of waste promptly and according to NH Waste Management Policy.
  • Adhere to Infection Control policies and procedures as identified in the NH Infection Control Manuals.
  • Adhere to emergency procedures as detailed in the Emergency Procedure Manual.
  • Ensure compliance with Safe Patient Handling program.

Specialist Knowledge:

  • Ensure provision of contemporary care services that meet the individual needs of customers
  • Ensure clinical care meets the individual social, spiritual, cultural and physical needs of aged consumers and patients.
  • Completes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation to maximise individual care for each customer.
  • Promote and respect the rights of all customers.
  • Assume rotation into senior roles when delegated or required to do so, based on the level of educational preparation and competence.
  • In the absence of the Nurse Manager, provide a first point of contact in all areas of conflict and apply conflict resolution skills when dealing with employees, patients, consumers, their representatives and the public.
  • Participate and contribute to improvement of policies, procedures and protocols and identify potential issues in nursing practice and areas of improvement in clinical standards.


  • Function as a team member consistent with the policies and procedures of the Health Service.
  • Achieve teamwork through effective collaboration and communication processes, recognise roles of, and collaborate with team members in the wider health care team.
  • Complete delegated work tasks effectively and appropriately.
  • Recognise and seek assistance from appropriate staff members when tasks fall outside of ability.
  • Contributes to the teams through committee membership or supporting colleagues fulfilling committee membership.
  • Act as a resource for Graduate Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, casual nursing staff and PCAs.

Professional/Personal Development:

  • Commit to ongoing education and personal development.
  • Negotiate clinical learning objectives with the DCS.
  • Use resources when presented with unfamiliar situations.
  • Identify own learning and development needs, actively pursue and participate in relevant educational programs and personal development activities.
  • Maintain current professional knowledge and skills relevant to the position.
  • Act to ensure Annual Leave and ADO liability comply with NH policy.
  • Act responsibly in relation to rostering practices.
  • Act to ensure Annual Leave and ADO liability comply with NH policy.
  • Promote and support the mandatory competency framework for Nursing Services, ensuring compliance issues are addressed within an agreed timeframe.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and conducting staff Performance Development Reviews annually.
  • To complete mandatory training annually that has been identified as being a requirement of the position and commit to ongoing education and personal development.

  • To work within the organisation’s Vision and Mission.
  • Comply with record keeping policies and standards.
  • Comply with all Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.
  • Comply with all legislative requirements.
  • Uphold the organisation’s commitment to providing patient centred care in a culturally aware and respectful manner.
  • To practice Health Literacy principles in everyday practice.
  • Actively seek feedback from Stakeholders (Health Professionals, Consumers, Carers & the Community).
  • The employee is required to maintain strict confidentiality with reference to all matters pertaining to patients/consumers within the Health Service and externally. Failure to observe this requirement may be regarded as misconduct warranting termination and incurring liability to penalty pursuant to Section 141 of the Health Services Act 1988.
  • Participation in the NH staff immunisation program.
  • Flexibility in participating in rostered shifts including day shift and night shift.

Key Competencies:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as an effective team member.
  • Ability to follow policies and procedures and to prioritise tasks in line with the demands of the service.
  • Demonstrated commitment to safe work practice.

Personal Attributes:

  • Well-developed communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Commitment to providing a customer focussed service
  • Ability to use initiative.
  • Capacity and willingness to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Commitment to corporate vision, mission, values and agreed critical strategies.


  • Current registration as a Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)
  • Previous experience in acute and/or sub-acute nursing and knowledge of aged care
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills.


  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to manage many different demands and work priorities.
  • Experience in chronic disease management including respiratory, cardiac and diabetes management.
  • Experience in supporting clients with complex psychosocial issues.
  • Experience in aged care or aged care related field.
  • Knowledge in AN-ACC and the assessment requirements.

  • Employment subject to provision of satisfactory Police Record Check and/or Working with Children Check.
  • 6 months probationary period.
  • Comply with all NH policies and procedures.

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