Welcome to Neerim South

Neerim South is a town in West Gippsland located in the Shire of Baw Baw, 100 kilometres east of Melbourne and 10 minutes north of Warragul. This picturesque rural town is surrounded by rolling hills and lush green grazing land, and it has developed into a popular stop over for those venturing further afield to Mount Baw Baw. It also has grown into an appealing place to visit for travellers in the area and is well served by its collection of galleries, cafes and gourmet food outlets.

The Neerim Bower

The entrance into Neerim South is by travelling under the Neerim Bower Columns symbolizing the Indigenous satin bower bird, in decorating his bower to attract a mate enlivened with blue ornaments, was the inspiration in the idea of an artistic gateway to Neerim District and Great Dividing Range. The roadside sculpture columns are clear coated in a variety of colours representing the bower bird that included a blending of colours from glossy indigo to marine and lighter shades of blue. Once travelled under town centre situated along Main Neerim Road awaits opening up into a wide boulevard with tall deciduous trees along its central strip between Wagner Road and Neerim East Road.


Finding serenity at Reservoir

For a short scenic drive, follow Wagner Road westwards out of town through lush pastures and surrounding bushland from which glimpses of the Tarago Reservoir can be enjoyed. The main access point to the Tarago Reservoir is via the Jindivick Road, a few minutes’ drive west of town. A turn off leads to a car park near the dam wall where is there is attractive park land with BBQ shelters and picnic areas. While the dam wall is closed for walking across, there is a track which descends down to bushland at the base of the dam wall from where the Tarago River flows.