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David Wells

David Wells

David is currently an Investment Advisor and Financial Planner at Shaw and Partners,` 120 Collins Street Melbourne.

David’s experience in investment over 35 years includes senior management roles and strategic roles at a number of broking firms. He was founding principal of Tolhurst Mt Waverley and later, RBS Morgans Farrer House before joining Shaw and Partners.

A broad based approach to his client’s welfare has seen David take a much stronger interest in the financial planning side of the industry than is usual in a stock broking firm. He has also developed a strong interest in the aged care sector and has assisted a number of clients into assisted residential living, negotiating bonds and structuring their financial affairs for their greatest benefit. David has served on the board of Lynden Aged Care in Camberwell for 10 years where he currently serves as Treasurer. He also helps a number of facilities with investment portfolio management.

David is married with three adult children and six grandchildren, and lives with his wife, Lynne at Neerim east. He commutes to Melbourne most working days.

David served his National Service obligation, as a volunteer, with the Australian Army (artillery) and subsequently is a member of the RSL and has assisted the ex-servicemens welfare organisation, Carry On.