Admissions at Tarago Views

All restrictions on admissions at Tarago Views, in regards to COVID-19, have been removed.

Before your visit

We strongly encourage all family members, carers and visitors to get vaccinated for COVID-19 as this will greatly reduce the risk of infection and transmission within the residence.

Visitors are required to conduct a Rapid Antigen test with a negative result and prove this prior to entry.  At this stage, visits can take place in the residents’ rooms or in one of our lovely outdoor spaces.

Visitor Guidelines

There are now no limits on the number of visitors per resident.  However:

  • Each visitor must complete a RAT on the day of each visit
  • Each visitor (over the age of 8) must wear a mask which will be supplied by BlueCross
  • Each visitor must use hand sanitiser upon entry
  • Each visitor must sign in at the designated register
  • Visitors are welcome anytime between 8am and 8pm
  • At this time, visits are to occur in the resident’s room or in an outside communal area
  • Visitors who are close contacts of a confirmed case should not visit

You no longer need to book your visit unless your loved one is isolating with illness. It is advised to call ahead to make sure the residence is receiving visitors and in this case, we can explain the risks and ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE.

The only restrictions on visiting will be for the following reasons:

  • if the visitor returns a positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival
  • if the visitors have any symptoms of COVID-19 or the Flu

We strongly encourage unvaccinated visitors to refrain from visiting during outbreaks due to a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission. However, visitors can visit residents who test negative but need to wear the same level of PPE as required by the staff in an outbreak.

Visitors can now access the residence much easier. We recognise in absolute terms that it is the residents’ home and we are comfortable having loved ones be able to let themselves in, as they would if the resident were living in their own premises. In line with this we have recently shared door access codes with families and carers so they can easily visit without the need for staff to ‘let them in’.

Please be mindful when leaving that residents are not leaving through the doors behind you. If there are residents at the door at time of exiting, please seek out staff to assist you to exit.

Utilising the access code will be available during the day and then it will be turned off overnight. If you require access overnight, we ask that you ring the call bell at the door.